i really really really want to attend anime expo this summer to see my <> buttface… but i’m stuck in canada (plane ticket will cost ~$500 (_|||))……, i spontaneously decided today that i’m going to try my hardest to get there so…!!! COMMISSIONS!!

i do all my art in either smooth or rough line, so pick one to get started!

sketch+color ➝ minimal shading, sketchy lines with a simple background!
low-res cellshade ➝ all of my true godtiers are in this style! low-res means the canvas size will be small (ie. 600x800 at the largest). 
monochrome ➝ i can do traditional or digital sketches, and you can pick one colour! actual product will hopefully be cleaner than these…,

if you guys are interested in other things on here (ie. cleaner pictures like or more rendered/painterly stuff like ) please contact me! they’ll be more expensive because i spend more time on them (´ー`);;

i’m okay with mostly anything (fanart, original), but i am real bad at nc-17 and mecha/gundam so tread with caution!! also these will be paypal only, sorry ):

if you’re interested, askbox me (unanon) or contact me at !!! signal boosting would also mean a lot!!! thanks a lot, and i hope i make it to cali ▽`;)ゝ!!!!!!!!!

reblogging myself because my school kinda fucked me over by changing the day of the final, and i had to change my ticket = $300 more……. u_u

if anyone would still like one, i’m still taking colour and sketch commissions!! \o/ thank you v much!

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    Signal boosting! Not sure if I can afford at the moment, but this is some great looking art.
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